Over this past year, it has become more clear than ever before how important schools are for our region’s families. We have been on the ground working on some crucial initiatives to help build up a collaboration of our city’s non-profits and organizations dedicated to education and family supports, and have learned how critical it is that we come together as a unified force to help one another succeed.

As we work to support and advocate for the families served by PPS, we see firsthand the inequities that exist in our public school system. Too many of our children living in underserved areas, especially our Black and Latino children, lack access to a quality education – and these inequities have only been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic.


You can help play a role in making real, community-driven change! Building on the work A+ Schools has been doing for years, the Project +Us initiative is designed to tap into the expertise of communities, students, families, and educators in an unprecedented search for breakthroughs.

You have seen this work in action in 2020 through the Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative and Family Hotline, our TeenBloc programming in collaboration with regional arts organizations, and the resources we have worked to compile to help Pittsburgh parents and caregivers navigate these uncertain times. As we expand on this work, we will need help from our whole community to work toward more equitable schools for ALL of our children.