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Looking for the ‘code’ to youth voice and perspective on why students aren’t coming to school? YouthCode is your ticket to learning more. Click the button below to read TeenBloc’s first release of their newsletter, YouthCode!

The TeenBloc program is a collective of 8th-12th grade students in the city of Pittsburgh from varying backgrounds. TeenBloc brings like-minded students together who want to learn to advocate and empower themselves through creative avenues to uplift their environments and whatever space they occupy to ignite change and bring forth the voices of the overlooked.

Through a series of artistic outlets, this program guides students in advocacy and leadership development to help them find and use their voices to ignite changes that will impact their education. Our TeenBloc members will also gain hands-on experience with writing/journalism, social media output and PR, visual media, and peer engagement and community outreach.


TeenBloc creates messages of empowerment, growth, and change by highlighting student experience and voice through visual and other multimedia platforms including (but not limited to): Gallery Exhibitions and Video Documentaries/Short Films to empower their communities.


TeenBloc students create and facilitate workshops for Teachers-in-Service where they provide honest and constructive perspectives for future educators to learn what students are currently facing in school, and how to build better connections with students.


TeenBloc partners three times a year with The Lighthouse Project at the Homewood-Brushton YMCA to record a student facilitated and coordinated podcast, with content varying from current social topics, social justice, education, media, entertainment, and more.


The Perry Fellows, a collective of Northside students that currently attend Perry High School, have narrated and illustrated their experiences, thoughts, hopes, and vision for their education, peers, and future of their school, and published them in a zine called 'Look Again.'


Are you a PPS student in grades 8-12 who would like to join TeenBloc? Register here!


While educational equity and advocacy are our core, we are also dedicated to developing Student Leaders through program-based experience. We are also available to:

    1. Guest speak and/or facilitate creative, fun, and engaging activities for High Schools, Partnering Organizations, Discussion panels, etc where raw, honest student voice is lacking.
    2. Create collaborative projects with other Youth Programs. We refuse to limit ourselves! There is so much amazing work going on right under our noses. Let’s get together, discuss, and make something extraordinary happen.

Questions? Contact us!