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What's your #ExcuseToGo?

Chronic absenteeism means missing 10% or more of school days for any reason, excused, unexcused, or suspensions. It’s just 2 days a month, which might not sound like much, but the impact on your grades, test scores and future can be huge. Learn more about the effects of chronic absenteeism and how you can help.

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The Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative Family Hotline is a resource line available to all regional families, offering support for academic or personal needs.

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The 2023 Report to the Community on Public School Progress is now available. Learn more about the schools in our city, read about bright-spot stories in the 'Rising Up' section, and check out resources for kids of all ages.

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Did you know? We can do a customized presentation of the RTC for your school, parent group, or community organization! Contact us at info@aplusschools.org to schedule a presentation.


Creating new opportunities: Reforming the “Gifted IEP” process to improve access for all students

By Amie White | 10-25-2022

Amie White shared this testimony to the State Board of Education during a series of public roundtable discussions with their Committee on Special and Gifted Education as they gathered input on the current Chapter 16 (Gifted Education) regulations.   Good afternoon. My name is Amie White and I am Chief Operating […] Read More

A Question of Will

By Faith Schantz | 06-23-2022

When I started out as an education writer, I felt bewildered by how little seemed to be generally known about what works in the classroom. My interest had been sparked, in part, because of lingering pain from the educational malpractice I had experienced and witnessed as a child, so I was […] Read More

When Multiple Systems Fail One Child, They Fail the Community

By Amber Thompson | 07-29-2021

This summer we will celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday. For us, it means marking another year that she has beaten the odds. For me, it’s another year spent fighting for her access to the resources she’s been promised for her education, and her physical and mental health. Over the past eleven […] Read More

My Friend Muzz–An East End Educator

By Sean Means | 04-16-2021

Some of the greatest lessons are never taught in the classroom. The education they provide is tailor-made to the student’s needs. These types of educators don’t have to tell you how good they are; their actions serve as the artifact. They are our parents and grandparents, athletic coaches, deacons and mentors. […] Read More

Reckoning with our American Caste System

By James Fogarty | 11-16-2020

Our systems are broken, but our people are resilient. This year has highlighted in profound ways how the systems we have built in this country are producing the outcomes they are designed to get—Covid-19 unchecked, racial disparities in health care and education accelerating, white supremacists marching, the wealthiest among us getting […] Read More