At A+ Schools we envision a Pittsburgh where every kid succeeds, in every school, every day. Getting every child to school every day is a problem all of us can work together to solve.



A+ Schools works with community and systems partners to mobilize resources and coordinate supports so that:

  • Every community is a place where all kids can get to school safely and on time.
  • Every family has what they need so kids come to school ready to learn.
  • Every school is a place where all students and staff feel they belong and are excited to be.


At A+ Schools, our work is rooted in the belief that we have everything we need to succeed by our students and families by leveraging the assets and strengths of our community.

When we show up for each other, across our team and the community, when we work with each other's strengths, we provide the best support for the communities we serve. We’re constantly evolving our policies and ways of working to better embody this belief and we’re guided everyday by our shared values:

We care deeply for people

  • Supportive, understanding & helpful
  • Open, welcoming & accessible
  • Respectful & inclusive of lived & diverse experiences
  • Passionate bias towards justice & equity

We show up to make things happen 

  • Action & results focussed
  • Active participants & problem solvers
  • Organized & prepared
  • Embrace the boring consistency it takes to make change possible

We do what we say 

  • Tenacious & committed
  • Follow up & follow through - we don’t let others wait for our part of the job. Ever.
  • Team player & collaborative mindset with autonomous work practice

We create & inspire positive impact 

  • Surprise & delight
  • Care about details (but not about perfection)
  • Make things better than we found them
  • Make best use of resources & assets at-hand
  • Actively create opportunities for broad participation

We are learners

  • Curious & humble
  • Listen first (and seek out many perspectives)
  • Fact driven, intentional, knowledgeable, experienced & data-driven
  • If we don't have it or know it, we find it and figure it out
  • Do the best known thing until we discover how to do it better